Sunday, March 22, 2015

Guerilla marketing: World's Best Salsa

R, K and I took a spring break trip that will go down in the pass travel history books as a FAIL, but we ended up having a sweet little road trip adventure. Read about it here.

Then this happened on the way home. It needed a post all to itself. 

"Excuse me ma'am, would you like to try the world's best salsa? " It was 2a.m., an Exxon Mobil station 44 miles south of Birmingham. Very few folks about. I was walking in to get a cup of possibly the world's worst coffee, but my driving leg was about to start and I was sleepless. Which maybe explained my hesitation. But there, leaning out of a minivan was a fresh faced and grinning young man: Anthony Ingram. I glanced at the decal on the van, only to have it confirmed: Tony Tejas, The world's best salsa! So, Duh.
"Sure!" I said. Because what goes better with a 2 a.m. fuel stop in the middle of Alabama than the world's best salsa.
"I'll have a sample for you when you get out". Two young men, taking their salsa to Birmingham to a distributor. Eager, friendly and in possession of some serious salsa. Fresh. Not preserved. A shelf life, refrigerated, of 21 days. He brought a 4 oz deli container over to the car after buying a new bag of tortilla chips for us to sample with. The girls and I agreed. The fresh cilantro and lime flavor up front is slightly subdued by a smoky finish. One free 4 oz sample, a business card, and promises to like their facebook page were exchanged. A selfie was grudgingly agreed to by me. And we were back on the road. The salsa: as we were reminded twice, is like a party in your mouth. Order some today!

Tony Tejas Salsa 
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