Sunday, October 26, 2014

Caving in Maquoketa

October days draw you into the outdoors

Maquoketa Caves State Park
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It was an overcast Sunday. Rob was home, a rare weekend off, and we had R and A, our favorite co-adventurers.  We headed out with a picnic lunch to do some hiking and low-key spelunking at the Maquoketa Caves. I need a day in the woods every so often.  It recharges my spirit like nothing else can.  These views, large and small scale, help to calm my mind, to bring my attention into the present. 

The state park, located just north of Maquoketa, Iowa is replete with limestone bluffs, beautiful rock formations, hiking trails and a fascinating collection of caves. Admission to the park is free.  They have park rangers available to give you a brief orientation to the park and educate you about "White Nose Syndrome" a disease which is fatal to bats that inhabit the caves.  So far, this disease has not made its way to the Maquoketa caves.
Dancehall cave.

The kiddos were in rare posing form, so I took full advantage.

Caving + water....oooh, I see cave-diving in your future, Rob!
Note the spider.

Intense focus. I'll let him lead.

Anyone who is this happy in such a tight spot should be a professional.

This is how much he loves me....there were spiders in those caves!

We made our expedition the second weekend of October. The park is closed over the winter and will re-open in the spring.