Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Great Outdoors

Yesterday it snowed. Yep. October 22. Snowed enough to collect on the ground.  So, there was some excitement.  It went a little viral on fakebook.  I get it.  We don't usually see snow before Halloween in these parts, but, come on guys, it IS the Midwest.  Let's all just take a deep breath.

This morning the snow was gone.  On my drive to work, the sun was at that perfect point in the sky to make the landscape just glow.  The sky was a pale blue, the fields golden. It was absolute glory. It put me in mind of family car trips to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's.  The feeling of anticipation: good food, sweets, an overheated house.  The sleepy ride home with NPR on the radio, slumped against my sisters in the back seat. The murmur of my parent's voices just barely audible.

Then again, this evening, leaving the office.  It must just be the perfect time of year. The light was incredible. I wanted to grab a camera and stop along the road, capture those rolling farm fields with the barn in the distance, that lone black horse grazing. 

I feel nostalgic for The Great Outdoors.  Or is it family that I'm nostalgic for?  In any event, I need a little infusion of both. 
Anyway, Happy Fall!  Let's enjoy it before winter hits for real.