Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bonaire Shore Diving 2016

Bonaire. February. 2016

It's a desert island.

When I look at the pictures I think...there was a lot of wildlife.
And diving. A lot of diving.
And driving around in a truck that was made in China
over rough, dusty roads,
the truck filled with nitrox tanks,
where the view on one side was cactus and rock
and on the other
it was clear blue water.

We had some equipment failures.
But, you know, divers help each other out. We had my regulator working again in less than an hour. Labor paid in beer. To a shop manager who wasn't even getting our business that week. That's how divers do it.

Rob made his 100th dive.
Then we celebrated with caipirinhas.
Later in the week, I made my 100th dive. Off La Dania's Leap.

Shore diving is something you should do.
It makes you a better diver.
We planned our entrances and exits over rough coral,
and through surf.

We did some amazing night dives,
sharing the reef with two tarpon as big as me.

We lost a camera.
In the ocean.
the OCEAN.
And we swam our search pattern and found it.

Then we celebrated with caipirinhas.

You should go there.
To Bonaire.
Do the Leap.
Do all the dives.

Take pictures of the blue waters.
Be nice to the donkeys
And cats
And epic iguanas.

Be gentle with the reef.

The bushes that surrounded our porch were home to this guy and several of his friends

We stayed at The Caribbean Club

The fence around our cottage

Check out our incredible patio!

This is pretty much where we lived when we weren't diving. The view. The breeze. The iguana....

Rob's 100th dive!

The caipirinha!

Bar side pool.

Oh yes, There was also Heineken. 

Hello, friend!

One of the bar cats.

Caribbean Club

That water

It's a SCAP. Google it. Keeps your hair in place. 

1000 steps. Ok...maybe 72. But you try carrying your gear up after the dive!  This is a Don't Miss dive site. 

La Dania's Leap

My 100th dive!

So, we weren't huge fans of the Cactus Spirits...

But, it was fun to visit the distillery, nonetheless

Chinese truck filled with Nitrox tanks.

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